UAE air cargo volume grows 19% during pandemic - Oleg Sergeev

In the latest update, WorldACD reports a 19% increase in air cargo traffic in the UAE in 2020 compared to 2019.

During the pandemic, the volume of general cargo transported to / from the UAE by aircraft increased by 44%, special cargo by 37% and express cargo by 38%.

Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai
Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai

IL-76 cargo aircraft of ZetAvia operated charter flights throughout 2020, delivering cargo for various purposes to the countries of the Middle East, as well as to Europe and Africa.

In general, based on WorldACD statistics, the growth rate of freight traffic in the United Arab Emirates last year can be assessed as quite high compared to other countries. A higher rate was recorded only in nine countries out of thirty presented in the list.

Volatility in both volume and rates was common in many markets in 2020. Market rates per kilogram of cargo transported continued to show stunning growth rates throughout the year. They increased more than 80% to $ 3.27 per kilogram, the highest year-on-year growth since May. However, the first indicators of January 2021 showed a significant drop in rates: the weekly yield began to decline by mid-December, and by mid-January fell by almost 10%.

WorldACD looked at the largest markets in each of the six regions - Africa, Asia Pacific, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and North America.

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