The demand for the transportation of auto parts by aircraft in 2021 is growing - Oleg Sergeev

Companies that launched air charter services at the start of the pandemic have seen an increase in demand for the transportation of auto parts since the beginning of this year.

Interestingly, a fairly impressive part of such cargo is transported using urgent services and express delivery.

Auto parts in the warehouse before loading on the plane
Auto parts in the warehouse before loading on the plane

A year after the introduction of the new service, a number of airlines reported an almost 20% increase in revenue compared to January-February last year. Groupage cargoes are transported by airplanes, consisting of automobile engines, pistons, doors, tires, etc. As a result, the profitability of such air carriers began to grow, even despite the decrease in capacity by almost a third. And freight transport has helped make long-distance passenger travel viable.

Air passenger companies should probably consider rebuilding their planes or renting cargo airliners. It is possible that the restructuring of the service will allow them to make their business more successful during a pandemic.

In the current situation, the advantages of air cargo carriers are becoming more and more obvious for everyone. Airline ZetAvia also belongs to cargo carriers, which has five IL-76 cargo planes of two modifications. ZetAvia transports cargo, including car parts, on its own aircraft to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

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