The aviation industry will not recover until 2024 - forecast

International analysts predict that the aviation industry will not recover until 2024. Capacity shortages can persist everywhere, including in the Middle East region.

According to a number of international experts, this year, air travel opportunities will remain limited. It is assumed that the restoration of capacities, which have decreased by almost 90% compared to the pre-crisis period, will begin no earlier than in 3-4 years.

Recovery will be hampered by disruptions in passenger air travel as people continue to refuse to travel. For air carriers, including ZetAvia, market demand is likely to exceed supply throughout the year. The growing demand for air freight will be driven by growing problems with container shipping, as customers have to wait weeks for containers to be unloaded at some destination ports.

The aviation industry will not recover until 2024
The aviation industry will not recover until 2024

It is possible that in 2022 the capacity of the aviation industry will really begin to recover. There is already enough demand to fly more, but it is mainly driven by consumers not changing their minds to travel long distances so quickly again.

During the pandemic, ZetAvia, as in the pre-crisis times, transports cargo for various purposes on IL-76 aircraft to the countries of the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Oleg Sergeev