Pandemic accelerates digitalization in air cargo

Isolation, some employees work from home, and the e-commerce boom have sparked a digital revolution in the industry.

This was discussed by participants in the online event Air Cargo Europe, dedicated to the development of air cargo transportation during the pandemic and the future of the industry. All speakers noted that Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalization of air cargo and airlines' drive for a more sustainable future.

Huge cargo plane
Huge cargo plane

It was also noted that the growth in volume and the boom in e-commerce highlighted the need to improve digital communications with carriers to ensure the smooth flow of goods throughout the entire air cargo chain.

As an aviation expert, it is my hope that the high air freight rates will last as long as possible, and this will help attract new investment in digital technology. This means that cargo airlines, which include ZetAvia, will be able to confidently look to the future in the long term.

Oleg Sergeev

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