Oleg Sergeev: The digital transformation of air cargo is essential for airline survival

Total digitalization will ensure sustainable development, efficiency and profitability for corporations during a pandemic.

This is the conclusion reached by the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) in its first industry study with Change Horizon. The report, just released, emphasizes that digital transformation is imperative during the pandemic, as speed, reliability and quality are the main selling points of air cargo. To ensure all these three indicators, which means the sustainable development of the industry and of an individual company, total digitalization will allow.


According to the association, only 61% of airlines currently have a digital transformation plan. The remaining 39% do not have such a plan and must hurry to survive the pandemic as the COVID-19 crisis has affected the entire trucking community.

The study, which involved the top management of airlines, airports, ground operators, freight forwarders, shippers, consultants and associations, was conducted to establish benchmarks for the sustainability of the industry. TIACA also emphasizes that digitizing all processes will allow the industry to avoid problems and reduce disruption during a pandemic.

Let me emphasize that some airlines operating in the Middle East, including ZetAvia, have been using the advantages of digital technologies for several years. During the pandemic, the digitalization process has accelerated significantly and is expected to become the key to the sustainable development of the industry and companies.

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