Oleg Sergeev - TIACA outlines key directions for air cargo industry during pandemic

Digital transformation is named first, followed by liberalization, security and safety, partnership, and interaction..

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has identified five key priorities that need to span the entire supply chain to modernize the process and provide solutions that meet the needs of shippers and other customers. First on the list is digital transformation.

Loading cargo into the cargo plane through the bow
Loading cargo into the cargo plane through the bow

The specialists of ZetAvia, whose IL-76 cargo planes fly to the countries of the Middle East, Europe and Africa, will study the possibility of the airline's transition to a complete digitalization of the process.

I would like to note that TIACA's call for digitalization of the air cargo industry coincides with the recent recommendations of IATA, where the total transition of air cargo carriers to digital document circulation is supposed to save the air industry from the consequences of the pandemic.

Glyn Hughes, head of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), believes there are major challenges facing the industry as it has provided the only efficient mode of transport to support the global spread of vaccines.

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