Global air cargo volume down 3% in March

March 2021 figures fell from March 2019, failing to continue the recovery seen in January and February.

For the full four weeks of March this year, global volumes were unable to continue to recover, according to the latest market data from industry analysts Clive Data Services and the TAC Index. Since the beginning of March, demand has also worsened towards the end of the month, having decreased by 4% versus the beginning of the month.

ZetAvia has at its disposal five IL-76 cargo planes
ZetAvia has at its disposal five IL-76 cargo planes

However, air cargo volumes in March 2021 were up 29% compared to March 2020, peaking at 55% in the last two weeks of the month. At the same time, the dynamic load factor of Clive Data Services, taking into account the volume and weight of transported goods and the available bandwidth, was 73%, which is 7% higher than in 2019.

Analysts from CLIVE Data Services and TAC Index note the high load on cargo flights in March without a recovery in passenger traffic and a slight decrease in pricing volatility. It also notes that intercontinental airline operations continue to be primarily freight-related and currently require higher prices to make these operations financially viable.

ZetAvia has at its disposal five IL-76 cargo planes, which regularly deliver cargo throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other regions of the world during the pandemic. ZetAvia successfully handles the transportation of heavy and oversized equipment, fragile and valuable cargo, as well as animals.

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