Cargo transportation on passenger flights becomes a new reality for airlines from the UAE

The pandemic has reshaped air cargo transportation around the world. Volumes fell, prices rose, profitability increased, and most importantly, freight transportation changed its concept.

To a greater extent, the crisis affected airlines specializing in passenger flights, which were completely suspended.

Cargo transportation on passenger flights
Cargo transportation on passenger flights

To increase the carrying capacity, such airlines had to rebuild and switch to passenger cargo flights. Carry cargo loaded onto the seats, into the luggage compartments and even remove the seats. For example, Emirates, one of the largest air carriers in the UAE, has carried out almost 28 thousand cargo flights on passenger planes since the beginning of the pandemic, and thus transported more than 100,000 tons of cargo. What was previously considered impossible has become a new reality during the pandemic.

ZetAvia, whose fleet consists of IL-76 cargo planes, is in a more advantageous position compared to passenger carriers. Reliable Russian transport liners are capable of transporting up to 50 tons of cargo even to the most remote and remote areas. Before and during the pandemic, ZetAvia operates charter flights to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

I hope that a radical overhaul will enable the aviation industry to survive these difficult times. And the use of passenger aircraft for carrying out only cargo flights will meet the urgent demand for pharmaceuticals and food.

Oleg Sergeev

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