Best Middle East Cargo Carrier 2021 and World's Best Air Hub to be named in September - Oleg Sergeev

Winners of the prestigious 2021 Air Cargo News Awards will be announced soon. This year's 37th Air Travel Industry Oscars will be held on 16 September in London.

More than 200 companies will compete for the right to be called the best in the air cargo industry, which have made a bet on providing a high level of customer service, high quality work and innovative technologies. These are the highest awards of the air cargo industry, testifying to the leadership position in the cargo transportation market.

IL-76 landing
IL-76 landing

Industry leaders will be selected in fourteen categories. It will feature innovative solutions and service improvements, digital product use, and facts, figures and testimonials demonstrating investment. Some of the winners will be determined via online voting. The awards are open to airlines, freight forwarders, logistics companies, operators, airports, brokers and others in the supply chain who have proven themselves in the past 12 months.

There are awards for companies involved in the transportation of pharmaceuticals; for airports that have invested in services, facilities and infrastructure to improve air cargo transportation; for companies that have invested in or developed digital solutions, improved air cargo delivery, etc.

The best air cargo carriers in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Africa will be selected via online voting. The best air cargo carrier of 2021 will also be voted on on the Internet.

ZetAvia, which operates in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, is considering participating in the upcoming voting.

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