All 2020 in the largest air hub of Russia "Sheremetyevo" cargo flew better than passengers

The total volume of cargo handled at the Sheremetyevo airport for the year amounted to more than 299 thousand tons. At the same time, the share of cargo airlines accounted for 70% of the total cargo turnover, while in 2019 the ratio was exactly the opposite.

In 2020, the volume of cargo transported by this air harbor in Moscow fell by almost 14%. The decrease in cargo turnover was the result of a 13.4% decrease in the volume of international cargo transportation compared to 2019. According to official statistics, the 15% increase in imports is due to an unprecedented increase in the volume of medical goods delivered to Russia.

In 2020 cargo flew better than passengers
In 2020 cargo flew better than passengers

These are personal protective equipment, medical equipment, medicines, disinfectants, etc. At the same time, more than half of Sheremetyevo's cargo traffic in the first year of the pandemic fell on China, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands.

Based on the global trend, IATA forecasts and recommendations, it becomes even more obvious that operating specialized air cargo carriers will benefit. Among them will be ZetAvia with its own Il-76T and Il-76TD cargo planes. Nobody can predict how long this priority will last.

Oleg Sergeev