Airlines in the Middle East and Africa will need $100 million a month to survive this year

This amount must be provided monthly to airlines with 25-30 aircraft so that they avoid bankruptcy and are able to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.

This figure was announced by the new head of the IATA regional office Kamil Al-Awadhi during his speech in the UAE at the 2021 Arab Aviation Summit. According to the new vice president, $ 100 million a month will be enough to prevent national airlines from facing bankruptcy and survive.

Governments around the world have provided airlines with billions of government aid, but new coronavirus variants are hampering a recovery in travel demand. The new IATA vice president called on regional governments to step up support for airlines to help them overcome the recession caused by the pandemic.

Passenger plane flight canceled
Passenger plane flight canceled

Globally, IATA estimates that total airline cash burns will rise to $ 75 billion to $ 95 billion this year, nearly double the association's December forecast.

Freight carriers, which include ZetAvia, have felt much less of the negative impact of the pandemic. During the crisis, the demand for cargo transportation significantly exceeds the supply, and ZetAvia systematically transports cargo to the countries of the Middle East, Europe and Africa on its IL-76 cargo aircraft.

Oleg Sergeev

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