Air carriers will be able to increase the carrying capacity of passenger aircraft with pallet kits

The kits, which are RKS industrial standard pallets and nets, will allow operators to load cargo into their aircraft cabins.

The decline in passenger traffic is forcing airlines specializing in passenger air travel to look for quick solutions for temporary increases in cargo capacity. One of these options may be a new development with the symbolic name "cargo in the cabin" from Lufthansa Technik. The partner is Airbus, which will provide technical data, carry out engineering checks and operational calculations.


The developers promise the air carriers that after the installation of such kits, the capacity of the main deck of the A330-200 will be about 78 m3, and the A330-300 - about 86 m3. It is noted that before installation, it will be necessary to remove the passenger seats in the aircraft cabin. How long it will take to modify the passenger compartment in the cargo compartment is not specified.

Such news becomes another reason to rejoice for the air cargo carriers, which were much less affected by the pandemic. Among them is ZetAvia, whose fleet consists of russian-made IL-76 transport aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons.

Oleg Sergeev

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